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About Me

Johnson O known as La Grace is a Nigerian born UA based Engineer turned Musician whose music talent and writing skills is carving a niche for him in the music  world.

The Surulere raised Aerospace Engineer says his journey into the music world kicked  off in 2015 in Ukraine as a mere  interest which metamorphosed into professionalism.

“I was born with a passion for music,  I have lived in music and at the same time I loved my studies so much. Despite having a Red diploma status (First class seal) I still couldn’t find myself out of the music world

I had a lot of encouragement from the closest people to me, because they had seen that making music is something I had taken so passionately ”

My freestyle song Alhaji was featured on popular blogs which further inspired me, in comment section I would see people say he’s my classmate, he is a member of my church choir, and even a lot of more positive comments that helped boost my desire for a better me and better songs.

Since then La Grace released ‘Like The Way’ which trended also in Ukraine. It has gathered  over 440K views.

“There were a lot of challenges I passed through, I would like to talk about this if God grants us another chance by his grace  to have a chat”-He said.

“I am currently in Ukraine, But I am sending a strong message to Nigerians not to give up the struggle for a change and a better governance. I am also encouraging people to follow their dreams earlier as soon as they have discovered themselves because time waits for no man.” – He added.

La Grace has a new hit single titled Chocomilo.

La Grace.


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La Grace